My business

Artistic Metalworking

Forging and metal work

  • Fences, bars, railings, pergolas

  • Detail metalwork: door handles, hinges, latches, special locks, etc.

  • Metal parts of art objects, such as attributes for statues of the saints

  • Advertising items, for example branding irons

Metal casting

  • Casting from bronze, brass, cast iron, and lead and tin alloys

  • Investment casting in all the above metals by lost wax method

  • Making of molds and models

  • Statues, small ornamental metal objects: keys, bars, covers, lids, parts for fountains, etc.

Production of small kilns for melting non-ferrous metals

Restoration of metal elements

Special construction activities

Services for sculptors and restorers

Auxiliary and preparation work

  • High-pressure water cleaning

  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning

  • Desalinization and repair of masonry and stone

  • Construction of scaffolding around smaller historical objects and works of art

Minor stucco work

  • Profiles from plaster and masonry

  • Forms and castings of plaster, artificial stone, and concrete (Portland or Roman cement)

  • Castings from various resins (light substitutes for metal or stone elements)

Preventive maintenance on historic structures

Consultation, advice

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